Monday, January 15, 2018

fall break: Durham, Portsmouth, and Fort Stark

Our friends the Domaleskis only had one day off while we were visiting, so we spent that whole day together being shown around different places in and around their new hometown.  

The first part of the day was spent walking around Durham, NH where the University of New Hampshire is located.  We also were able to watch the girl's hockey team practice for a bit which made Logan, who is currently obsessed with Mighty Ducks, super excited.

That afternoon we walked around Portsmouth, NH.  The original plan was to take a cruise around the shore, however it was rainy, choppy, and foggy.

Before heading home, we went to the shores around Fort Stark State Historic Site saw lots of little creatures and tons of rocks and shells.  

fall break: hamilton park and nyc

During our week long Fall Break we took a trip northeast, very northeast, to visit some friends who moved to New Hampshire not too long ago.  In the mind of Zach May, one can not drive past all the things we were going to be driving past and not stop at all of them.  Thankfully we pared it down by a bit so that there was time to sleep as well ;-)

Getting started...


Day 2 after a night in a terrible, smoky hotel room.

We chose to do all of our stopping on the way back home so on the way up we only had pit stops, except for one specific place that we have all come to know about through music...Hamilton Park.

Standing across the Hudson, above the assumed dueling grounds, the boys got their first view of the New York City skyline.  Though NYC was not on our list of official stops, we did drive through the tunnel and let the boys hang their heads outside as we drove through Manhattan.  One day boys, I promise we'll go back!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

an evening with anne

A lovely evening with some kindred spirits and all things Anne.  I love these two ladies and love the love we share for not just that spunky redhead but countless other things.  Thankful to The Story Shop for such a fun, grownup evening.

proper pleasing pumpkins

I love traditions and I love supporting our small town and I love supporting missions.  This outing did all three!  Another year picking our properly pleasing pumpkins at CFUMC.  They served us well this fall.

newton naturals

Connor was able to play on a travel ball team this past fall with some good buddies of his.  It was the first year for the Naturals and though exhausting, was full of great fun and experience.  Time will tell if it is something we will ever do again but he will always hold the best of memories for it regardless!

hurrican irma

Zach and the boys survived their first hurricane this fall.  The day before it was supposed to hit we burned all our our leftover limbs so that we would be ready for all the new ones that could potentially fall.  Logan at some point decided hurricane weather was similar to blizzard weather and donned a puffy coat, hat and scarf to stay safe.  He's such a nut!

Our little home was spared any damage.  Little limbs were everywhere.  Two large branches fell.  It took a day of circling the house with a wheelbarrow for the boys and I to get all the sticks.  It could have taken half a day if there were reminders every five minutes to keep working.  We were congratulated by an older neighbor on making our boys help with yardwork.  Mama ain't doing that mess by herself!

While the college down the street didn't have any structural damage, they lost 7 of their large beautiful oak trees.  We spent a morning on our bikes riding around the neighborhood to see it all.  Lots of big trees with sick roots came toppling over.  Just goes to show you never know what is going on inside.  Without a strong root system, any storm can knock you over.  Yet the trees with roots that are strong and deep can withstand the strongest of winds.  It was a beautiful thing to watch.

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